Prenatal Services

Free Consultation
A free consultation is provided to see how you and I interact with eachother. A sample contract and fees are also discussed. Your partner is encouraged to join in this meeting.
Prenatal Visits
After signing a contract, we will schedule two prenatal visits. These are necessary for mom, dad and I to get to know each other further. It is also a wonderful time for mom (dad, and other family members) to ask questions regarding birth, medications, and breastfeeding. We will also practice relaxation and coping techniques (birth positions, relaxation, medication, etc.).
Construction of a Birth Plan
During your prenatal visits we will construct a birth plan that outlines how you want your birth to go. This will be distributed to the doctors and nurses upon your arrival at the hospital so that everyone is aware of your plans. It is important to note that sometimes things do not go as planned and while constructing your birth plan we can discuss all possible options and outcomes
You are encouraged to schedule classes for yourself and your partner/family. These classes are free to doula clients.
If you desire, we can do a henna design on your stomach as pregnancy progresses. This is a temporary tattoo tailored to you and your baby and done with all natural, safe dye. This can be done the day before your photoshoot if you want.
Maternity Pictures
All of my doula clients are welcome to schedule a free Maternity Photo-shoot with me. We can do the photo-shoot at a location of your choosing (within the Midland/Odessa area) and can include any family members you want. It takes about 2 weeks to put the finishing touches on the pictures at which point a CD/DVD of them will be mailed to you to have printed as you choose.
24/7 Support During Pregnancy
I am available 24/7 to answer questions and give information regarding pregnancy and birth for any of my doula clients. I am available via phone, email, and Facebook. When you are in labor or think you are in labor you are welcome to call me and we can discuss what is happening. I will be by your side within 1 hour of a phone call saying you need me there.

During Labor and After Birth

Full Labor Support from the Onset of Labor Until Birth
You must call to let me know you are ready for my services. I can meet at your house, hospital, or place of birth. Throughout labor I can provide both physical, informational and mental support for mother and her laboring companions.
If you desire, I can do photographs throughout the labor, birth, and early postpartum period. You will receive a CD/DVD at your Postpartum Visit (see below).
Immediate Postpartum Breastfeeding Support
This is to help with initial latch on and answers to any questions that mom may have. If mom and baby are separated for an extended period of time after the birth then I will gladly  come back to help, if needed, when mom and baby are reunited.
Pumping Support
If you must pump for your baby because of a NICU stay I will provide pump training, support, and advise until baby is no longer in NICU. Once baby is out of NICU, I will provide latch assistance in your home.
1 Postpartum Visit
Within two weeks of hospital discharge, you may schedule a postpartum visit. This visit allows me to answer questions about breastfeeding and ensure that breastfeeding is going well. I will also bring a meal and offer quick meal ideas if desired.
Breastfeeding Support Until Baby is One
This is a service that most doula's do not provide. However, I feel very strongly about breastfeeding and am willing to offer, with my services, full access to me and breastfeeding advise, tips and tricks until the baby's first birthday.
Birth Story
If desired, I provide a full birth story. From the moment I met the family to the final Postpartum visit will be recorded on paper and provided to the family to place in a baby book or to share with family and friends. Birth is something a mother and her labor companions will always remember and a tangible third party view is always cherished.